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Selected Students for Admission to Class XI 2017


Result of Class 11 Entrance Exam 2017

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Result of Class 1 Entrance Exam 2017

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Change in School Uniform

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." — St. Mary’s High School

Our Vision

We, the Mary ward women in the education ministry, keeping Jesus as our model, aim at forming fearless and vibrant citizen, who are able to face the challenges of life.

Believing the powerful agent of social transformation, we move towards the empowerment of women and formation of students inculcating in them a sense of justice, religious tolerance, compassion and love. Making them aware of the value system of the world in which they live in, they are enabled to analysis it critically and make responsible decisions for themselves.

They are led to appreciate God’s creation, value life, human dignity and potential and thus to pursue fullness of life.