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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." — St. Mary’s High School

Rules and Regulations

  1. At the first warning bell, all must get into their class lines immediately, for the Assembly. Students are expected to obey the Captains appointed by the school.

  2. Strict regularity and punctuality, implicit obedience, courtesy in words and deeds, cleanliness in dress and person and proper care of books and school properly are expected from every student.

  3. Irregular attendance, habitual lack of interest in school work, stealing. Misconduct even outside the school premises, willful repeated breaches of school regulations are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the student from school.

  4. Students are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in school but also for their general behavior outside. Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of any student will make her liable for disciplinary action. Hence, misbehavior in public, streets and bus is liable to the same action.

  5. The Principal in the interest of the school and without assigning any reason, may ask a Parent/ Guardian to withdraw the student, should her conduct, behavior or influence, be in any way detrimental to the common good of the school and its smooth running.

  6. All students are required to wear the school uniform. Neatness in dress and person should be cultivated by each student. Long nails, nail polish, jewellery or the bringing of expensive articles to school is strictly prohibited.

  7. All should be particularly careful not to throw paper or other waste materials anywhere in the school premises. They should use the waste paper baskets and bins provided for this purpose.

  8. No books other than what is prescribed, periodicals, transistors, calculators, cell phone etc may be brought into the school without the explicit permission of the Principal. Students may not exchange library books without the permission of the Librarian. Nothing should be written in the library books and dog’s-ears should be avoided. Instead, a book mark should be used.

  9. All are expected to speak in English in school; Nepali may be spoken during the Nepali classes only.

  10. Gifts to members of the staff or other demonstrations in their honor require the previous sanction of the Principal. All students should endeavor to excel in the practice of good manners and obedience to their teachers. Students are expected to attend all school functions and meetings in school uniform.

  11. Once the children report to school they must not leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal. They must get a get pass from the school office.

  12. A student who fails in the same class for two years in succession or who is overage due to failure in different classes should be withdrawn from the school.

  13. Al senior girls are expected to put in at least 3-4 hours of regular study. The junior girls must spend at least an hour or two revising the lessons.

  14. Distributing any articles of money value is strictly forbidden by students or teachers in school. Parents are requested to take special note of this.

  15. Strictly prohibited activities which would result in immediate dismissal from the school.

    Drinking alcoholic beverages 
    Using unfair means in examination
    Using drugs
    Deliberately avoiding classes
    Beauty contests, acting in films or serials

  16. Students are to bring their school diary every day and keep a proper record of Homework, which has to be signed by the teacher and the parent/guardian.

  17. All the students require to have the ID tag displayed prominently (worn around the neck) for proper identification.