Principal's Message

The world  today  is  plagued  by  hatred,  inequality and  violence.  It faces great risks of  environmental  degradation and  is on the verge of a World War.  Millions are refugees, insecure and face poverty  and  hunger. In such a world, Education is the key to eliminate  inequality, to reduce poverty, to create  a sustainable planet, to prevent needless deaths and illnesses and to foster  peace.  

Pope Francis in his address to Students , Parents and Educators of Catholic schools said, “The main element in a school is learning to be magnanimous, which means  having  a big heart, having  a greatness of  soul and doing  everyday things with a big heart that is open to God and to others.  School broadens not only your intellectual dimensions, but also the human one. …Focus on two fundamental values, i.e. freedom and service.  Freedom means knowing to choose the good…making you persons with a backbone to face life with courage. Service means to participate in various activities that prepare you not be wrapped up in yourselves or in your own little world, but to  open yourselves to others, especially to the poorest and most in need, to work to improve  the world we live in. …” 

Directing  his thoughts to teachers  and parents he said, “ Don’t be discouraged by the difficulties that the educational challenge presents.  Educating isn’t a profession but an attitude, a way of being. …give your students hope and optimism by teaching them to see the beauty and goodness of creation and  of  humanity, which always retains the Creator’s imprint. But above all, witness with your lives what you are communicating. School can and should function as a catalyst, …with the single objective of  shaping and helping students to grow as mature, simple, honest and competent persons, who know how to love faithfully, how to live their lives as a response to God’s call and their future professions as a service to society. ” Let this beautiful message of Pope Francis inspire us to consistently strive in living the  motto of our school, “ For Knowledge  and Virtue”.

Sr. Mariette. C.J.